We love to eat. And we love to eat well. That means we want our meals to be delicious, healthy, and sometimes a little different. We’re not looking for the same old, same old.

But how can we get all that without breaking the bank? This question led founder Jacob Childrey on a journey to local spice merchants all around the country. In 2014, after years of traveling in search of the key, he found himself in a tiny New York City shop when it hit him.

The problem is that most spice blends you’ll find in the supermarket today are bland and boring. They’ve been sitting on a shelf for who knows how long, they use poor quality spices, and then they put too much salt in to try and give it the illusion of flavor. That’s a recipe for a flavorless, unhealthy meal.

The secret is to use the freshest and highest-quality herbs and spices (… and not being shy with the shaker).

That’s why we source our ingredients from top-quality suppliers in the U.S. and throughout the world, we make sure they’re blended and bottled as soon as possible after arriving here in Maryland, and we insist on preparing only small batches at a time. Our blends simply don’t sit anywhere long enough to lose their flavor. We’ve made it our mission to provide the best blends as affordably as possible so you can make any meal an exceptional one.

Being a small company, we have the freedom to get together and explore new flavors, talk about what excites us, discover unique combinations, and create new blends to share. We’re willing to take risks on fresh ideas. And all the while, we stay close to our products and to our customers. In our constant pursuit of exotic blends, that’s what keeps us grounded.

We don’t make our blends for everyone, we make our blends for you.