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Don't be Salty! Why Spice Blends are Better than Salt


At the center of every table and at the front of most spice cabinets is the salt shaker.  Typically, when looking to add flavor to a dish, salt is the first thing that the average cook reaches for.  However, we are here to let you know that if you truly want a delicious, satisfying, out-of-this-world dish, you will abandon the salt for the new kid in town; the spice blend.

While it is true that salt will bring out the natural flavors of meats, vegetables, and fruits, most people do not know how to use it correctly.  A dish can easily become ruined by the addition of too much salt, or the scarcity of not enough.  Additionally, there are so many flavors that the average cook leaves untouched because they are afraid of ruining their food.  With a spice blend, you don’t have to be afraid.

Thoughtfully Crafted

Spice blends, like the Everything But Salt Grinder, are created by thinking through the flavor profile of each contributing spice and how that profile will play off of the others within the blend.  This thoughtful process of crafting spice blends allows for the fullest flavor potential to be brought out in every food that it is added to.


Do you want something that you can pull out of the cupboard and throw on meats, veggies, and more without having to think it through? Yes? Then a spice blend is made for you! The perfectly balanced concoction of herbs and spices allows the blend to be used in virtually any dish you are creating. If you are busy, you can literally put the same spice blend on your meat dish and your side dish without creating a blunder.  Because spice blends are so thoughtfully created, they bring out the best flavors of each individual dish, making them taste different even though they were seasoned the same.


Salt can be a concern for many people battling health issues or for those who are conscious about their health.  The extreme use of salt can lead to health concerns such as high blood pressure, dehydration and liver disease.  In some serious cases, too much salt can also translate into an increased risk of cancer or kidney failure. 

With that being said, because they do not include salt, spice blends actually have health benefits. For example, garlic is good for the heart, and onions can help to regulate blood sugar. Each herb and spice within a blend has its own individual benefit that it brings to the table (literally), making for a healthy and delicious additive.


Asabasa Spice Co. Salt Free Blends

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